Our Company

Tradition begins with the family.

It all started with our family's love for boats and the water. In 1961, the first Smoker Craft boat was launched, marking the beginning of a tradition of quality and craftsmanship that can be achieved only through the pride and attention to detail that a family-owned  company can provide. For five generations and counting, our family has been dedicated to building boats that deliver better experiences on the water. Our innovative hull designs provide quicker hole shots and smoother, drier rides. Once you’ve reached your favorite spot, you’ll appreciate all of the great amenities that help make the day a success. And most importantly, because we believe a great fishing boat should be within everyone’s reach, you’re sure to find a Smoker Craft to fit your budget.

For 2016, we’ve combined the wisdom of generations with new thinking and responsiveness to today’s boat buyer. From loaded pro fishing V-hulls to bass boats to utility tillers — this lineup
has your best choice for great days on the water.