Aluminum Construction

Proud to show you what we're made of

When you get a Smoker Craft, you can be sure you're getting a boat that carries the pride of our family name, using the finest materials, state-of-the-art equipment and quality workmanship. From hull design and construction down to the last factory-installed feature, we continually strive for best-in-class to give you a boat you and your family will take pride in for years to come.


A. Transom
The transom board is made of 1.5" pressure treated plywood which is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. The board is sandwiched between the aluminum transom and a second aluminum sheet and anchored using stainless steel bolts.

B. Side Panels
The side panels are strengthened by rolling lap strakes into the aluminum, adding rigidity to the sides that prevents the "oil can" appearance of many other boats.

C. Performance Hull System (PHS)
Our exclusive Performance Hull System is a completely customizable trim tab feature that increases speed, reduces pounding, eliminates porpoising and provides improved efficiency with less fuel consumption and engine laboring. The system allows you to tune your hull to maximize performance, depending on the weight and horsepower of your engine. Additional benefits include improved visibility, reduced wake size, better handling and less hull stress. 

D. Hydra-lift Reverse Chine Hull

Our exclusive high-performance hull provides superior lift to get you out of the hole and on plane quickly. The reverse chine design keeps the bow down during acceleration, provides sports-car-style turning agility and offers exceptional stability both while running at high speeds and while at rest.

E. Spray Rails
Spray rails are rolled into the side panels, giving a much cleaner appearance and eliminating the line-breaking rough edges found on many other boats. The combination of spray rails with the Hydra-Lift reverse chine design delivers the driest ride in the industry.

F. Zinc Chromate Primer
The hull is sanded to prepare it for painting, and in the primer booth it is sprayed with a zinc chromate primer that chemically etches into the aluminum and forms a corrosion-resistant surface. This also creates an even, bondable surface for the final paint layer.

G. Twice-Baked Paint Finish
Smoker Craft boats are sprayed with 3 coats of base urethane paint and baked in a large oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. The hull is then masked off and the boat enters the accent stripe paint booth where it is sprayed with 3 coats of accent color. The boat then runs through a bank of infrared heating coils, giving it a twice-baked, diamond hard finish that is resistant to chipping and fading and will look great for years to come.

H. 5-Keel Construction
While many manufacturers have stopped adding keels, we continue to use up to 5 keels on our hulls to provide longitudinal strength and protect the bottom when beaching or trailering. In addition, the keels help the boat plane quickly by breaking the water during acceleration. They also improve tracking and help hold position while fishing.

I. One-Piece Bottom
The Hydra-Lift Hull begins with a one-piece bottom, unlike many other manufacturers. Aluminum gauge ranges from .100" to .125".

J. Gas Tank Integration
We place the gas tanks below the floor toward the center of the boat between the floor stringers to centralize the weight of the fuel. This gives the boat a softer ride and helps keep the bow down.

K. Nex Gen Hulls
Smoker Craft’s next-generation hulls (on select Pro Angler and Ultima models) feature a longitudinal stringer system for internal support, instead of cross ribs. The stringer system is welded together in a jig to ensure proper alignment and is riveted to the hull bottom to create a uniform hull structure.


The Hydra-Lift Hull is supported by Smoker Craft’s exclusive Advanced Integrated Rib System (AIRS). This integrates heavy machine-formed hat-shaped ribs in the bow with cross ribs on 10" centers on the bottom. The bow ribs conform to the contour of the bow and angle toward the cross ribs to add strength to the critical area of the hull when the boat is running. Floor stringers are fastened to the cross ribs to support the floor panels and enhance hull strength.