Dowco Premium Trailerable Cover

Premium Trailerable - Ratchet Cover

The all-new, patent pending CoverLift™ system is an innovative built-in cover support system that means no poles, no crawling under the cover, and no pole failures leading to cover or boat damage. A heavy-duty rope ratchet and woven strap support system is securely sewn into the underside of the cover. Simply pull on the rope ratchet to create tension on the straps underneath. The straps rise up creating a ridged tent effect so that water will run off the cover and not puddle.

Secure Strap

Simply place the metal strap connectors located on the ends of the CoverLift™ straps over the mounting buttons for a secure, positive attachment.

Built-in Ratchet System

Integrated ratchet system accessible in a pocket located at the bow tightens the strap system, creating the optimal tenting effect to direct water runoff.

Moisture Vacuum Vent

Dual purpose moisture and travel vacuum vents allow moisture to escape while allowing the cover to compress while trailering.

ClimaShield® Plus Fabric

Dowco's ClimaShield Plus is a 7.5 oz, 600 denier solution dyed polyester fabric with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) and urethane undercoating which provides superior UV protection and fade resistance.

Cover Support System

Integrated lifting straps & ratchet system.

Straps Ensure Water Run-Off

Creates a "raised tent" to direct water run-off.

Easy to Install CoverLift™ Straps

Metal strap connectors provide a secure attachment.


  • Leading innovator and manufacturer of marine OEM covers, tops and hardware.
  • ClimaShield Plus 600 denier, solution-dyed polyester fabric will provide long lasting protection against the sun and other outdoor elements, while providing breathability to allow air to circulate through the cover.
  • Dowco covers provide an easy-to-use custom fit that seals the boat from the elements while making the boat look great when not in use.
  • All Dowco covers are engineered and reinforced in all the right places for a lifetime of protection and security.
  • Smoker Craft premium trailerable ratchet covers made by Dowco are backed by an industry leading six year limited warranty.

Exclusive Dowco ClimaShield Plus Fabric
2x Stronger & 3x More Water Resistant Than Sunbrella

Dowco’s ClimaShield Plus is a 7.5 oz, 600 denier solution dyed polyester fabric that provides superior UV protection and fade resistance. The woven fabric is further enhanced with Durable Water Repellent (DWR), plus a urethane undercoating to increase longevity and durability. The anti-microbial coating makes the material highly-resistant to mold and mildew. This top-quality fabric is highly resistant to shrink or stretch ensuring a tailored and secure fit for years to come.