Owners FAQs

Below are answers to common questions. If you have others, please contact your local dealer for more information. 

Can I get an Owner's Manual for my boat?

You are able to download our Owner's Manual here.  Please note, we do not make them boat-specific.

How can I find my nearest Smoker Craft dealer?

You can utilize our dealer locator to find your nearest dealer.

Can I purchase a boat directly from Smoker Craft?

Smoker Craft, Inc. boats are only sold through authorized dealers. We feel it is important that the customer establish a relationship with the dealer that can meet their needs, not only in sales but in service and customer care as well. To find your local authorized dealer, please visit our dealer locator.

How can I obtain a new capacity tag?

Complete and follow the instructions on the Capacity Tag form found here.

What is the value of my used boat?

Visit the National Appraisal Guide website.

How can I request a product brochure?

Please fill out the brochure form to receive or download a current product brochure.

Where can I find information on older boat models? 

Older boat information can be limited. Please view our catalog archive area, here to find more information out about your boat.  

Not sure what model your boat is or have other questions, please fill out the Boat Specification form here

How do I order merchandise?

Our webstore is currently under maintenance.  Check back soon for newly added items. 

Where is my hull ID located? 

The hull identification number (HIN), on all boats built after November 1, 1972, is permanently affixed to the rear of the transom, on the upper right corner.  It is required by federal law and must appear on the registration application.

Have further questions about boating? 

Find helpful information on the Discover Boating and Boating Magazine Websites.

Parts and Warranty

Can I get replacement decals?

Decals are considered parts and must be ordered through a local dealer.  We may not have decals for boats that are no longer in production but there are many after-market companies that could be ordered from online. 

How do I choose an appropriate prop for my boat?

Check your engine manufacturer's website for online prop selection recommendations.

Can I order canvas for my boat?

Your dealer can get canvas for aluminum boats that are 6 years old or newer.  For canvas work on older boats, we recommend contacting a local canvas shop.

What do you recommend to clean lake stains from the bottom and sides of a painted aluminum boat?

Please see "Caring for Your Boat" section in the Owner's Manual.  

What do you recommend to clean the vinyl on my boat?

Please see "Caring for Your Boat" section in the Owner's Manual.  

Where can I purchase parts and accessories for my Smoker Craft boat?

Parts and accessories are available through our extensive dealer network.  We feel that it is important for the customer to establish a relationship with the dealer who will be able to meet all their sales and service needs. Use our dealer locator to find your nearest authorized dealer.

How do I order a replacement windshield?

Your windshield can be replaced as a whole piece and your local dealer can order you that part for your boat. All parts orders must be placed through a dealer.

Where can I take my boat for warranty repairs?

Use our dealer locator to contact an authorized dealer near you.

How do I transfer warranty to a second owner?

Please review and complete the Warranty Transfer Form for instructions and eligibility. Select the appropriate form below: